Tarnish Guide

Tarnish Guide

High Polished Stainless Steel: Will not tarnish

Gold Plated: Will eventually fade with wear

Sterling Silver: Will oxidize naturally. This is true of all sterling silver and can be cleaned using either a polishing cloth or a cleaner

Brass: Will tarnish eventually which is the nature of brass jewelry. Brass may have a higher rate of tarnishing, so we highly recommend referring to our ‘CARE GUIDE’ to minimize tarnishing as much as possible.

Ion Plated: Will keep its shine. More durable. Water proof. Hypoallergenic. Easy to clean


Caring for your...

Sterling Silver:
  • Use a polishing cloth regularly for items you wear daily
  • Polish once every 2 weeks for items you don’t reach for as often.
Gold Plated:
  • Wipe after wearing.
  • Use a microfiber cloth or cotton ball to remove any dirt or sweat.
  • Soak for 3 minutes in warm soapy water, dry with soft cloth.
  • *Be mindful of exposure to alcohol (hand sanitizers). If exposed, promptly clean and brush.
  • 5 year span for Gold plated jewelry.



  • Heat a washcloth with warm water, using a mild soap gently rub dirt off.
  • Water and moisture can lead to waterspots so be sure to dry completely when washing hands.
  • You can also soak brass jewelry in a bowl of vinegar for several hours or overnight.
  • (Add salt to the vinegar for even better results!)
  • To keep brass items shiny: use a paste-like mixture of baking soda and salt. (Baking soda will not scratch the brass)

Ion Plated:

  • Water and regular soap are all you need. 

*Please be informed that scratches and some fading may occur.